Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo

Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo
Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo Align T-REX700E PRO DFC HV Super Combo
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In continuation of the superior pedigree of T-Rex 700E DFC, combined with the latest innovation in power system and numerous top of the line performance upgrades, Align introduces the latest 2013 flagship model: T-Rex 700E PRO DFC HV.

T-REX700E PRO DFC HV includes the highly sought safter 800MX 520KV motor as standard equipment, specially anodized in burgundy to exhibit the exclusivity of this flagship model. The brand new Castle Creations Edge 120A ESC incorporates numerous new settings for even simpler setup. The newly designed 700 3G main blades and 105mm tail blades are catered specifically towards hard core 3D flying, increasing agility while maintaining stability, and increased rigidity to improve anti-torsion characteristics, finished with a fresh new coat of graphic design. In addition, T-REX700E PRO DFC HV includes numerous upgrades such as DFC rotor head system, new style swashplate anti-rotation guide, hardened main gear, new tail drive gear assembly, dual hinged tail control assembly, etc. The fiberglass canopy also took on a brand new look with new shape and new graphics, with even lower wind resistance, giving the T-REX700E PRO DFC HV a refreshing feel.

On the electronics front, only the top of the line HV brushless servos
BL700HBL750H were used. Combined with dramatically improved 3GX V3.1, not only will it satisfy the complex maneuvers of the experts, it also creates an excellent stable and secure feel for the beginners. The brand new T-REX700E PRO DFC will introduce you to a completely different experience.

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New style wrap around airbrushed fiberglass canopy, with aerodynamic form to reduce wind resistance. 4 point anti-vibration mounts for quick install and removal.

The 700 DFC flybarless rotor head system utilizes extreme low CG design, effectively reduces resistance during flight, increased flight responsiveness and precision

800MX features high efficiency, superior power, excellent torque, low current draw and low temperature, it is capable of maintaining consistent torque and head speed through continuous 3D maneuvers.

New style swash anti-rotation guide with embedded anti-wear material, effectively minimize the wear between swashplate long ball and guide.

Utilizes composite carbon material integration technique on frame structure for CCPM servos. Brand new CCPM direct servo linkage design

Equipped with new high strength cnc m1 helical main gear and tail drive bevel gear assembly, featuring reinforced overall gear structure and increased gear thickness, effectively improves gear's anti torsion ability to prevent gear from deforming under extreme power,reducing gear wear and power loss.

Equipped with brand new 700 3G carbon fiber main blades designed specifically for extreme 3D flights, featuring agility and stability, and new graphics paint scheme. The increased blade rigidity improves anti torsion characteristic during flight, and the new airfoil minimizes turbulencenear the blade tip, reducing blade noise and power loss.

High quality new tail gearbox design, combined with new dual point mounted tail pitch control assembly to minimize slops and increase rudder control precision.

Brand new tail blade designed to sustain optimal tail locking performance under high head speed and extreme flight conditions.

Standard equipment

●3GX Flybarless System X 1 set
●Castle EDGE HV 120 Brushless ESC X 1
●800MX Brushless Motor(520KV) X 1
●BL700H High Voltage Brushless Servo X 3
●BL750H High Voltage Brushless Servo X 1RH70E06

● Length: 1350mm
● Height: 360mm
● Width: 208mm
● Main Blade Length: 700mm
● Main Rotor Diameter: 1582mm
● Tail Rotor Diameter: 281mm
● Motor Drive Gear:12T
● Main Drive Gear:112T
● Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
● Tail Drive Gear: 22T
● Drive Gear Ratio: 1:9.33:4.37
● Weight(With Motor): 3310g

●T-REX 700E PRO DFC Kits Set x 1set
●3GX Flybarless system x 1
●700 3G Carbon Fiber Blades x 1set
●BL700H High Voltage Brushless Servo with CNC aluminum servo horns x 3
●BL750H High Voltage Brushless Servo x 1
●Aluminum Tail Boom x 1
●3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom x 1
●800MX Brushless Motor(520KV) x 1
●Castle EDGE HV 120 Brushless ESC x 1
●105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades x 1set

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
●Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
●Receiver(7-channel or more)
●6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh x 2
●2S Li-Po 1900 ~ 2300mAh x 1
●Dial Pitch Gauge

3GX Programmable Flybarless System

●Brand new redesigned 3GX represents a new generation of multi function flybarless system. The dramatically improved performance will create immediate impact on anyenthusiasts.
●3GX is currently the smallest and lightest flybarless system on the market. Two ports to directly connect Spektrum and JR satellite receivers, along with full support of Futaba's S-BUS system.
●Based on the 3G FL760 manual setup process, the 3GX can be setup in a few minutes through a simple process. In addition, the 3GX can support all of the CCPM swashplate system currently on the market including 90, 120, 135, and 140 degrees swashplates....[+] More
3GX Programmable Flybarless System

●Operating voltage range:DC 3.5V~8.4V
●Operating current consumption:<80mA @4.8V
●X and Y axis Operating Angle Range:-300~+300 degree
●Z axis Operating Angle Range:-600~+600 degree
●Sensor resolution:12bit
●Supports 90/120/135/140 CCPM swashplates
●Spektrum and JR Satellite antennas support (Replaces original factory receiver)
●Futaba S.BUS system support
●Supports Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Digital and brushless servos
●Compatible with 2 to 5 blades rotor heads

●Built in governor function
●Maximum working voltage:8.5V
●Compatible with 1024/2048 resolution Spektrum receivers
●Field setup without the use of a PC
●Support up to 6 servos
●Automatic servo type recognization
●Operating Temperature:-20~60 degree
●Operating Humidity:0%~95%
●Size:36.5x25.2x15.6 mm Size






FBL system
Align 3GX Flybarless System
Align 800MX 520KV
Castle Creations EDGE HV 120
Cyclic servo
Align BL700H
Tail servo
Align BL750H
Main blades
Align 700mm Carbon blades
Tail blades
Not included
Channel quantity
Rotorhead control
Collective Pith
RC heli class
Main Rotor Diameter
Tail Rotor Diameter
Max.blade length
Tail drive type
Torque Tube
Not included
Not included
Not included
Kits type
Super Combo kit
Type of power plant
Max Lipo Cell
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