Futaba R114F 4-Channel FM Receiver 72MHz High No Crystl

Futaba R114F 4-Channel FM Receiver 72MHz High No Crystl
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This is a R114F 4-Channel HI 72MHz FM Receiver "Without Crystal" from Futaba.

FEATURES: Narrow-band spacing and superior signal filtering combine to provide
exceptionally clear, interference-free reception and
amazingly smooth, accurate control.
Perfect for Park or Slow Flyers.
Range of approximately 650 feet (200m)

INCLUDES: One R114F 4-Channel 72MHz FM Receiver without Short Crystal

REQUIRES: One FUTL63** "Short" Crystal
If utilizing all 4 channels a Y-harness is needed HCAM2500.

SPECS: Narrow Band: 20kHz
Power Requirements: 4.8 to 6.0V (shared with servos)
Current Drain: 10mA
Length: 1-1/4" (31.75mm)
Width: 1/2" (.02mm)
Height: 7/8" (.28mm)
Weight: 0.35 oz (9.9g)

COMMENTS: Special Notice about Frequency Changes-
*72MHz- Low band channels 16 to 35; High band channels 36 to 60.
Receiver crystal channels (16-35 or 36-60) Within Each Band
Can Be Changed, and Do Not Require a retuning of the receiver.
*72MHz Frequency Band (Low or High) for the receiver Can Not Be
Changed from Low to High band, OR from High to Low band without
sending it into Futaba Services for retuning.
*50MHz, 72MHz, 27MHz and 75MHz Frequency Bands Can Not under any
circumstances be interchanged with each other. The receiver Must
be sent in for retuning to the appropriate band.
*50MHz, 27MHz and 75MHz receiver crystals Can be changed anywhere
within the respective bands. There are no High or Low bands such
as the 72MHz band has.
*Transmitter Crystals Can Not be changed to another channel except
by a licensed service center. It is against FCC regulations, and
illegal for the user to change a frequency determining component
of a transmitter. If a radio is not retuned, it can be a hazard to
spectators, modelers or property, and void AMA insurance coverage.
*Check with the local R/C club for the frequencies used in your area.

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